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Populations to serve 


This component is geared toward assessing individuals that are employed; yet seeking to change their current type of employment.  

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Our objective is to provide this population with the tools that will raise their standard of living. The expected outcome of this program is seeing each individual obtain economic growth.

Our program will provide each individual with information that will empower them to competitive salaries.

This workforce program will assist individuals to becoming productive citizens in our society and contribute to Georgia’s workforce.

In addition to providing our residents with information and resources, we will also provide them with any community programs that will provide them with the knowledge of demanding occupations. We will also provide services that will help them take control of their living situations and develop lifelong enrichment skills that will redirect and transform their way of thinking.

Our goal in the development of each case plan is to develop and implement the following:

Work schedules; Child-care arrangements; Transportation; Skill level; Drugs and or alcohol programs; E-Mail address; Voice mail; Educational level; Bank accounts; Workshops; Information on a change of career; Expungement of criminal record; Georgia ID; Interviewing skills and Interview outfits. 


To assist unemployed individuals, prepare for, obtain and maintain employment by providing them with resources such as employment counseling, job search techniques, job leads and labor market information.

Our goal in the development of each case plan is to focus and implement the following:

Child-care arrangements; Resume – {on disk}; Interview outfits; Skill level; Voice Mail; E-Mail address; Bank account; Employment workshops which will include interviewing skills; Changes in current career / job; Expunge of criminal record; Birth certificate; Obtaining a Georgia ID; Work skill level.

Our services are designed to measure the progress; results and outcomes achieved by each individual. 


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House of Ruth Case Management program is a collaborative approach to providing and coordinating resources. Our case managers serve as an advocate and liaison between our residents and service providers.

The case management team will bridge that gap to assure that all available information and or resources are made available so that each person will be able to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, a comprehensive initial assessment is performed, and goal-setting strategies are established.

Each individual will be provided with a life coach that will assist with goal setting strategies, decision-making and monitoring progress.

Our case management team will also perform assessments, plan and manage services, conduct research, and analyze data.

Case managers will incorporate case management standards of practice and utilize case management and quality measurement tools in an approach that incorporates all members of the team in the promotion of quality, cost-effective services.

Our case management team will meet weekly to discuss each individual’s case plan.

Initial Assessment

Case Plans

The developments of individually case plans start with each initial assessment. The initial assessment will be a face-to-face meeting with each individual and a member of our case management team.  

This initial assessment provides the case management team with vital information that will allow us to provide each individual with available community resources and the initial development of goal-setting strategies. 

Each case plan will define the tasks that need to be completed by each individual in order to accomplish the best outcomes. 

Case plans can be modified if circumstances change. The case management team will meet weekly to review each case plan.

When developing the case plan, the team will focus on priorities that will reflect the most pressing issues that are facing each family member.

Each case plan will include the following goal-setting strategies:

  • Goals to be accomplished during a specific period of time.
  • Timely Information on any available community resources
  • Responsibilities of the life coach and the family members for the assigned tasks and time frames for achieving goals.
  • Time frames for review of progress reports
  • A description of what will happen if goals are met or not met.


Services specified for the family should be feasible, i.e., the family is able and willing to participate and can get to the service. Goals should be few enough to ensure a sense that they are achievable. Some may need to be broken down into smaller, less overwhelming steps.

Our assessment is a continual process that identifies the family’s strengths, resources, needs and problems. These assessments will provide us with information to identify measurable, realistic, and time-limited goals for intervention, as well as strategies for their achievement.


The tool that we will use to measure the success of each individual will be placed on formulating a clear and well-defined goal statement. In order to meet this objective, we will employ the SMART goal approach. Our objective is to maximize each individual’s goal setting success.

“SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time Bound.”

Focus areas:

Financial and Career

  • Work / career potential of each individual
  • Providing resources that will empower individuals to achieve a satisfactory standard of living.

Social and Cultural

  • Evaluating the circle of friends – do the individual’s friends enrich their life and contribute to a sense of fulfillment and well-being.
  • Outside interests other than career and family (e.g., sports, theater, outdoor events)

Spiritual and Ethical

  • Have the individual articulated specific personal values to him or herself.
  • Is the individual living up to those personal values?
  • The important of a relationship with God
  • Is the individual happy with the way they are practicing their religion.
  • If not, is the individual ready to reconcile their relationship with God.

Family and Home

  • Understanding family relationships
  • Developing realist goals pertaining to housing and home ownership

Mental and Educational

  • Do the individual feel a need to have a mental health evaluation.
  • Is the individual on track to accomplishing educational goals they have set?
  • Do they desire to invest in their continuing education on a regular basis?
  • Do the individual have a clear understanding on the educational plans for their children.

Physical and Health

  • How satisfied is each individual with their current level of physical health?
  • Are they living up to their own standards in terms of diet and exercise?
  • Is the individual fit enough to do the things you want to do?

Expected Outcomes:

  • • Obtaining a higher level of Self-Esteem
  • Displaying a greater since of self-confidence
  • Effectively solving problems – with or without community support
  • Expressing self in a creative way
  • Focusing on a healthy lifestyle
  • Focusing of reaching goal-setting outcomes
  • Developing and maintaining personal boundaries
  • Handing conflict resolution
  • Improving on communication skills
  • Participating in cooperative teamwork – working well with family and the community
  • Demonstrating leadership over all areas of life
  • Engaging in community activities – with and without family
  • Becoming more educated and or increasing knowledge pertaining to goal setting steps
  • Improving on words of affirmation and speaking positive words – encouraging and enforcing children to do the same.
  • Managing and or removing stress


Each case plans will be developed with a focus and the implementation on the following action plans:

Budget planning

Budget planning is importance for those, which are employed, or unemployed.

For those that are employed, we are going to take a look at what they can put into their saving to be able to have at time of discharge from the program. These funds are to be used for housing; however, they will be allowed to use those funds for any emergencies that may occur. The amount that will be required to put into saving will depend upon each individual bring home amount and current bills.

For those that are seeking employment, our objective is to create a budget based on their job skill level. This component will give each resident a view of what wages they may need to make when seeking employment.

While participating in the program, clients will not be allowed to accumulate any additional debt. However, this policy will be individually reviewed according to the need.

Areas of Focus:

  • Current wages
  • Food stamps
  • TANF
  • Child-support
  • Outstanding bills
  • Credit status


Our plans are to assess each individual educational goal. Our goal is to ensure that we include on each individual case plan time for those who need and desire to continue their education.

Our objective is to connect individuals with community resources that will empower and inform them on their educational opportunities.


Areas of Focus:

  • Highest grade completed or desire to continue education.
  • Obtaining a GED
  • Plans to attend college.
  • Current school enrollments
  • Children with special educational needs
  • After school programs – Tutors


Our goal is to provide each individual with the opportunity to pursue their dreams of starting their own business. By nurturing successful entrepreneurs, we create jobs, foster free enterprise and help build prosperous communities. Our entrepreneurship program will allow our residents to participate in our apprenticeship program.

The apprenticeship program is designed to empower each individual with the knowledge needed for networking and building their knowledge base pertaining to their desire work skill level.

Our goal is to collaborate with employers what would provide a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. This will empower each individual with the practical and needed commitment to obtaining a skilled occupation.

Areas of Focus:

  • Internet access
  • Access to a fax Machine
  • How to develop a business plan – Writing out a basic business concept
  • Developing a detail action plan - Placing plans into a compelling format
  • Gathering all the data on the feasibility and specifics of the business
  • Outlining the specifics using a "what, where, why, how" approach
  • Developing a vision statement – Concise outline of purpose and goals
  • Developing Marketing strategies
  • Focus and refining the concept.
  • Obtaining knowledge of the needed licenses
  • Development of a web site
  • Developing a one-year cash flow projection that will incorporate capital requirements.


Our goal is to provide workshops and connect our residents and their children to programs that will provide them with health advice that's easy to understand, relative to their unique situation and based on a woman’s health, fitness, weight loss and nutrition. This program will also include resources that will assist with grooming and physical fitness.
Our goal is to ensure that each individual is connected with a physician and that they have health care coverage.

Areas of Focus:

  • Strength training – Walking, jogging, aerobics.
  • Weight management
  • Stop-smoking programs.
  • Stress removing workshops.
  • Obtaining a primary physician
  • Scheduling Yearly physicals


According to each individual case plan, our objectives are to connect each individual with a housing program that will provide them with housing.

Areas of Focus:

  • Providing information / making referrals to housing programs
  • Obtaining knowledge pertaining to credit status – ordering all three credit reports
  • Saving money for a deposit – providing information / making referrals to programs that could provide funding for deposit and or rental assistance.
  • Understanding needed wages for rent
  • Housing saving – “Percentage is according to budget plan.”
  • Renter’s rights
Areas of Focus


For most Americans, owning one's home is the American dream. Unfortunately, for many Americans, being able to purchase a home can be difficult. Various physical, economic, social, and political problems continue to disrupt people's lives and leave many without regular shelter.

Owning a home is the foundation of wealth creation for families and their quickest path to self-sufficiency. According to each case plan, our goal is to provide the tools for each individual that could move them into home ownership.

Areas of Focus:

  • Compiling a list of all outstanding bills
  • Scheduling to attend home ownership workshops.
  • Focusing on affordability & location
  • Understanding the types of mortgage loans


Our organization understands the need for some of our residents to have parenting workshops. These workshops will assist parents in the development and practice of effective parenting skills.

Within these workshops, we will also assist each individual with fostering a positive partnership between parent and teachers by fully involving families in the education of their children.

Our workshops will also include improve reading readiness, test preparation and community resources that will assist the parents that will improve their child’s learning. Tutors will be made available for children and adults.

The primary role of the life coach is to be a liaison/ child advocate.

Parenting workshops will only be assigned to those who have been identified as having a need for these services.

Areas of Focus:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Workshops on learning how to schedule family time – learning the importance of spending time with the family.
  • Coping skills
  • Attending school meeting
  • Maximizing children educational opportunities
  • Self-discipline resources / workshops
  • Improve family relationships / communication between father / mother and child.


Its importance that we provide the opportunity for our residents to grow and improve their relationship with God. Although these services are not mandatory, for those who choose to participate, our spiritual growth services will give each individual the tools that will allow them to take a close look at areas in their life that need to be changed. Renewing of the mind and change from the inside out will product desire outcomes that will positively affect the entire family. This service will also provide each individual with the opportunity to participate with doing community service.

Areas of Focus:

  • Learning how to develop a desire for change.
  • Learning how to stop making excuses.
  • Making immediate change
  • Change how one see themselves.
  • Letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.
  • Stop waiting on others to do that which one can do for themselves.
  • Yielding to the Holy Spirit
  • Never stop dreaming or having thoughts of victory and success
  • Understanding purpose
  • Allowing others to support and give advice.


In measuring the successes of our services, our goal is to focus on three main areas. Community collaborations, customer service and individual case plans.

Community Collaborations

Our objective is to connect each client with community resources. In order to accomplish this objective, we have established a directory of organizations and agencies that can provide resources and will allow us to communicate with to discuss the case plans for each individual that we refer.

Our efforts are to develop effective processes and tools that will support our community collaborations. We feel that it’s vital that we share processes that is effective for our organization and facilitates those developments for the needs of our community.

In order to measure success, we will collect and analyze the following information:

  • The ability in making appropriate and timely referrals.
  • Follow-up with case managers on each individual referral
  • Appropriate documentation
  • Controlling and maintaining successful systems
  • Turning in timely and accurate reports
  • Recommendations made for improvement.
  • Timely implementation of action plans
  • How quickly we respond to any needed changes according to recommendations from community resources.
  • Defining expectations, roles and responsibilities
  • Charting the course of developing the collaborative effort
Conservation Approach


Customer care is a crucial element to success of our program. It is important that we measure each individual level of satisfaction as well as the overall satisfaction of our employees, volunteers and the community. In order to meet this objective, we have put systems in place to assess our performance in business areas that significantly affect our customers' satisfaction levels. We will implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which will reflect how well we’re responding to your customers' expectations.

We also included tools that would allow us to measure how our staff and or volunteers provided quality customer service.

Focus areas:

  • The number of complaints we receive on a daily, weekly, or monthly bases.
  • Case Management respond time – to individuals, community, employees and volunteers.
  • Customer Surveys - directly asking customers to rate the service level they receive – this will provide us data to measure service quality.
  • Track the number of monthly contacts.
  • Track and handle the number of complaints about employees and volunteers.
  • Track how well we keep our clients, employees, volunteers and community informed.
  • Direct feedback from our training courses and customer workshops

Our organization has established a customer-care policy. All complaints will be handled courteously, sympathetically and - above all – swiftly.

Our main objective in measuring outcomes for our customer service program is to measure if we are meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.

One of the tools that we will also use will be to send out easy-to-understand questionnaires. We will pride ourselves on delivering problem resolutions.


Assisting the homeless is going to require a well thought out action plan. This plan must also include community support.

House of Ruth has developed such a plan. We believe that once funding is acquired, the outcomes from our efforts will out weight the cost.

Homeless people need emotional support, caring professionals, and resources that work within their frame of reality. The common denominators are the obstacles encountered when trying to access health care: bureaucracy, transportation, accessibility, present-time orientation, limited resources, frustration, and anxiety.

This 12- Month transitional housing program is a vehicle that will assist each individual with the tools and collaborations needed in order to obtain the type of employment / housing that will benefit their family and their community.

Most people feel excited and a since of growth when they obtain good employment and or start a business. They anticipate more freedom in their personal lives and when provided with a life coach, they feel connected with community resources and assistance in problem solving.

This housing program will provide people with the tools that will product outcomes of achievements toward greater levels of prosperity.

One of the greatest tools to have available to the community are programs that will appropriately assess individual’s needs and provide solutions and resources that will start that individual toward self-sufficiency.

Our objects are to help individuals find employment and community resources; however, this program also offers spiritual support that will empower people with an inner security that will lift them above the struggles and challenges that the homeless population encounter.

Once an individual receives the type of services that is noted in this proposal, individual’s options are open, and their employment opportunities become unlimited.

Assisting individuals to remove fear will empower them to make positive decisions for themselves and their family.

House of Ruth has also developed a homeless management information system that will collect, monitor and analyze data that is vital to provide effective interventions. Our objective is to share our data with other organizations and agencies so that as a community, we can identify problems and together, create solutions.

Our commitment is to provide outreach services that will encourage homeless people to enter appropriate housing program that provide appropriate services.

Our case management component will rapidly access individuals to mainstream programs such as TANF, SSI, Medicaid, and others.
The mission of the House of Ruth is to intervene and empower women and children with compassion and professionalism.

House of Ruth

House of Ruth will offer family reunification and comprehensive services that are calculated to break the cycle of individual despair and destruction that plagues these women their children and society.

Although homelessness is a direct result of a shortage of permanent and transitional low-cost housing and the inability of very low-income people to afford the housing that is available, to completely end homelessness, it will be necessary to address this housing shortage.

The most effective solution to homelessness in the metropolitan area will come from the coordination, planning and resources that can be provided by the community.

The concept of a region-wide approach was strongly endorsed four years ago in a report prepared by the Atlanta Regional Commission after a year-long study of homelessness.

We believe that this housing action plan represents both hands-on experience in the homeless field and the implementation of practical sets of recommendations to alleviate the problem.

In a letter written by Mayor Shirley Franklin to Mark O’Connell of United Way, she stated that she was convinced that there are practical and effective ways to tackle homelessness head on. The Mayor went on to say that she was also convinced that we can help individuals one-on-one and at the same time make the city of Atlanta a more pleasant place to work, live and visit.

We believe that this housing action plan, with the collaboration, financial support from donors, the city, state and federal governments will play a key role in ending homelessness in the city of Atlanta and a Nation as a hold.

Please help us to bring the needed resources to those that are in need.

No amount is too small or large.

Thank you in advance for anything you can provide.

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