House of Ruth Inc.

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We Are A 501c Non-Profit Organization
When You Help One, You Help Many

Be a Help

Many people are just naturally generous and we're betting that you're one of them. If so, we appreciate any financial and volunteer help you're willing to give. Every little bit helps us do more for those who need some support.


Anything You Can Give

Choose our organization when you want to make monetary donations to a needy cause. Our social services entity will use donations small and large to cover the cost of housing and case management for our clients.

In addition to cash, we accept donations in the form of checks. All donations are tax deductible, and we will provide you with a receipt upon receiving your donation for tax purposes. Contact us to learn what you need to do to make a donation.

Your Time Is Welcome

We welcome anyone who is willing to give their time to volunteer with our organization. There are no qualifications, time commitments, or membership dues required to volunteer. However, we will screen volunteers to ensure their interests match our needs. We're looking for people to help at the infant stage with program development, searching for resources, and assisting with grant writing. Contact us now if you are interested in volunteering.

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